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History in the booksEdit

Ben Mantrue was a minor character in Darth Paper Strikes Back. He invented the method of Darth Paper Instructions from tweaking the emergency Origami Yoda instructions and turned it into Ben's Darth Paper. He appeared a few times throughout the book but had no speaking role. In his picture he seems to be wearing a hockey jersey.

In The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee, Ben was a character who folded an Origami Darth Maul and wanted Dwight to see it. Fanmade instrux were made on YouTube

In "Emperor Pickletine rides the Bus", Kellen's crush Remi falls in love with Ben during their sixth grade field trip.

The original E-Z Darth Paper

Behind the curtainEdit

"Ok this is actually Ben typing here you get see some special behind the scenes and if Tom lets me i will do some digging in my email so you guys can get the entire thing on how I got in. Ok this is something that is fairly obvious there was a little hint in the contest about the vader if you look you will see my vader un modified yes Tom added a few folds to make it look better which were the helmet folds etc. To find my vader unmodified go to the Darth Vader book contest flickr page." NO BEN TALK ANYMORE some one post instrux to original darth paper

A pixilated Ben's Darth Paper

A pixelated Ben's Darth Paper

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