Caroline Broome is Dwight Tharp's (almost) girlfriend. She is nearly deaf and must wear hearing aids. She is in in 8th grade. She goes to Tippett Academy but in 7th grade she went to McQuarrie Middle School. She met Dwight at McQuarrie. Dwight had picked a fight with Zack Martin to try and get him to stop breaking Caroline's pencils. Origami Yoda told Dwight to seek out and attack Zack Martin. Caroline goes on a non-date with Dwight Tharp at Wendy's once a week.

Caroline is a regular correspondent of Tommy becuase Dwight refuses to write chapters for Tommy's case files. She asks Tommy for help once Dwight starts acting oddly. Caroline is actually based of Tom's wife, Author and Illustrator Cece Bell. Who is also deaf.

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