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DARTH paper is the main antagonist of darth paper strikes back! The second origami yoda book he is wielded by Harvey Cunningham in the book murky 10 FOLD DARTH paper was introduced because Harvey did not share the instructions till art2 d2 guide to folding and doodling lastly he became Anakin in jabba the puppet


Darth Paper is an origami character created by Harvey who spews evil all around McQuarrie Middle School. He actually made 2 of them since Tommy crumpled the first one. The second one turned out to have Origami Anakin in his helmet, possibly inferring that the second one to is good instead of pure evil. Supposedly, some people say that Harvey's second Darth Paper was Ben's Darth Paper because it is easier to pull the helmet back and not disfigure it. However, this statement has never been confirmed.

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Darth Paper

Poll for OY2Edit

He was in a poll for the cover star for OY2. Obviously he won the poll but it was revealed that the sequel was Pre-Written by Tom as stated by Tom.


In Darth Paper Strikes BackEdit

Darth Paper first appeared in Book 2, where Harvey folds him possibly out of the remains of his own Origami Yoda to be an evil finger puppet. Darth Paper was Origami Yoda's rival and would cause trouble which Origami Yoda would solve immediatly afterward. As revenge, Harvey got Dwight (who holds Origami Yoda) suspended and in danger of being expelled. This allowed Darth Paper to rule the school. Tommy made a case file about how terrible things were without Dwight, which Harvey and Darth Paper got their hands on. They made an "anti-case file" that was sure to get Dwight expelled and sent to CREF. Before they could present it to the school board, however, Darth Paper had a change of heart and became Origami Anakin, instead helping Dwight.

In The Secret of the Fortune WookieeEdit

In Book 3, it was noted by Tommy that "Harvey's Darth Paper didn't have much to do, which was a relief, but also kind of boring..." He made a small cameos throughout the book saying things like "Remember me? I was bad!" Rabbski confiscated him from Harvey in the library after Harvey corrected her by telling her "He's not Darth PAPER anymore. He's Anakin again" Mrs. Calhoun appeared and objected to Rabbski's hating of origami characters, forcing Rabbski to reluctantly give Origami Anakin/Darth Paper back to Harvey.


  • Nobody knows why Darth Paper actually had any good in him, but Harvey mentions it was all Darth Paper's "plan", which may suggest Darth Paper is a magic finger puppet like Origami Yoda.
  • This puppet has the most spots to put your finger in a total of four(five if you tape a strip on.)
  • From DPSB to SOTFW, the design shown in the doodles change from Harvey's original DP, to Ben's DP design, showing either Harvey switched designs he used, or the standard for drawing DP changed.
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