Dwight Tharp



Hair Color





March 31, 2000


European American:

  • Maternal= Scottish
  • Paternal= Cherokee Indian + Caucasian


  • Ms. Tharp (mother)
  • Mr. Tharp (father)
  • Dog (pet)


Dwight Tharp is a student at McQuarrie Middle School. He started the phenomenon of Origami Yoda. He always does strange things such as playing with his food, spewing juice everywhere, saying purple all the time, sitting in holes, and giving advice with Yoda. He has a girlfriend named Caroline Broome. His parents had a divorce. He used to own a dog, but his dad took him when his parents divorced.

Odd Clothing Edit

Dwight wears the following assortment of bizzare accessories:

  1. Free T-Shirt from Wendy's (Biggie Size Your Combo for Just 39 cents!)
  2. Overalls (Tuff Legs Brand).
  3. Odd non-matching socks
  4. Cape (with CD on it for Captain Dwight, which was mistakenly drawn in with the intials SD, presumably for Super Dwight)

Darth Paper Strikes BackEdit

A week after the new start of 7th grade Dwight "threatened" Jen and was suspended when Harvey got Jen to complain to Rabbski. She suspended him then he was brought to the school board to vote on suspension and CREF referral. Tommy brings the case files to show him and Harvey comes to trash Dwight but has a change of heart and try's to save Dwight but the school board votes to send Dwight but luckily Dwight gets sent to Tippett Academy which so happens to be the school which Caroline Broome also attends.


  • Dwight is suspended in Darth Paper Strikes Back, but this proves to be helpful when he starts going to Tippett Academy with Caroline.
  • In The Strange Case of Origami Yoda , Tommy mentions Dwight wore the same t-shirt for an entire year because he got it free from Wendy's. It says "Biggie Size Your Combo for Just 39 cents!" and the text is sometimes abbreviated in drawings to just "39 cents."
  • He has a number of other identities, including Sherlock Dwight and Captain Dwight.
  • In Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus, he finally writes a case file, revealing the entire truth of Origami Yoda.

= QuotesEdit

  • "Purple"
  • "Sure!"
  • "Chess Is Not Boring!"
  • "I don't want to!"
  • "Why Not Ask Origami Yoda?"

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