E-Z Origami Yoda Instrux.

The E-Z Yoda, also called 5-Fold Yoda or The Emergancy Yoda, is a minor character (although he does have instructions in the back of Darth Paper Strikes Back) created by Dwight in the Darth Paper Strikes Back chapter "Origami Yoda and the five folds." In the beginning if the chapter "A New Hope", Sara mentioned she knew where Tommy was because the E-Z Yoda told her where he was.The E-Z Yoda was once called the advanced E-Z Yoda, however author, Tom Angleberger said it was too hard to fold. It is similar to the universal Yoda, which is just the same thing, with one initial fold added.


  • Universal Yodas were given out during a short, limited-time mail in offer from author, Tom Angleberger, where you send a letter, and a pre-afressed envelope, and in return, you get a free Yoda and letter autographed by Tom.