FunTime posters.

FunTime was a curriculum at McQuarrie Middle School brought upon the students by Edu-Fun in an attempt to make the school more focused on preparation for the state standard test. It replaced electives like art and robotics, so student petitions were made against it. The characters include Webster the breakdancing dictionary, Gizmo the singing calculator, and Professor Funtime.


Many of the students at McQuarrie Middle School disliked FunTime, especially Harvey. In The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett, Harvey even comes up with "scientific evidence" and claims that "FunTime makes me dumber by muddying the the crystal-clear workings of my brain with stupid songs and cartoons." The students hated it so much, a rebellion and petition were created to get rid of it, which caused Principal Rabbiski to send some of them to the office. Even though Rabbiski said she would call their parents, the FunTime program kept going on. Eventually Origami Yoda told the kids that the power to force it upon the school was actually coming from the President all the way down to the principals. In the next case file, Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue!, the rebels write another case file about fighting the so-called "FunTime Menace."

Funtime factsEdit

  • FunTime was also known as "the FunTime Menace," reflecting the first Star Wars movie's name, The Phantom Menace.
  • FunTime is anything but fun, according to the Origami Rebellion.
  • FunTime is the main antagonist of books four and five, and the main enemy of the Origami Rebel Alliance.
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Professor FunTime and Gizmo