General Grevious, often nicknamed General Creaseous, is a reacurring character in the Origami Yoda Universe. The fingerpuppet is occuringly drawn by Kellen, illustating Creasous trying to redicule a jedi. In "Darth Paper Strikes Back" he appears at the end of a chapter, in which Dwight and Harvey compete to catch a certain bug, and is holding four butterfly nets. He yells out, "You should have let me try, Jedi Scum!" He also appears in "The Secret of the Fortune Wookie" saying, "l can eat four corn-dogs at once. Beat that, Jedi Scum!" He then appears in "The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett", saying, "Yay! That means it's dark chocolate time for me, Jedi Scum!" Harvey also mentions him, informing that he had given a favor to the librarian, stating he would make any origami she desired, and she requested the General. He then states, "Man, he's going to be hard to make with those four arms. I'm still working on it," and below Kellen pictures him asking for longer arms. He also is mentioned in "Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus" as Harvey's kirigami General Grevious, and Kellen's picture shows him saying, "Oh yeah? Well, I didn't want to go on that crummy field trip anyway!!"


  • in the DP, he is made from multiple pieces of paper. In the Fortune Wookee, he appears to be made from a square base or a waterbomb base. in Art-2's book, instructions are given for a kirigami Grievous. Kirigami Grievous appears in JTP as slightly a more complicated version of this model, with cuts for the things on the side of his head and a plate for the mouth.