Lunchman Jeff plays a medium role in the Origami Yoda books. He helps the lunch ladies hand out food and napkins to the kids in the cafeteria.

In Darth Paper strikes Back, he is mentioned saying that if he had known that a certain wiener was really gross, he never would have served it. The kids in no way blamed him for the events taking place prior to and after the ingestion of the wiener by Harvey Cunningham.

In The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett, he snatches 144 Rib-B-Q sandwiches for Dwight Tharp after they were discontinued. Lunchman Jeff is the only person on record that Dwight has hugged willingly. Later Lunchman Jeff assisted Cassie an the drama class in their play and was mistakenly thought by a parent to be the drama teacher's replacement.

Lunchlady Ellen appears to have a crush on him.