Fan-made Darth Maul.

Origami Darth Maul
Origami Darth Maul is a minor character in the Origami Yoda Universe, shown breifly in 'The Dwight File', a chapter made up of messages from students requesting  his return. On Ben Mantrue's page there is an image of him wearing an Origami Darth Maul, and Ben is saying, "You are THE origami master of McQuarrie!" And below that it reads, "P.S. I have TOTALLY figured out how to fold Origami Darth-Maul! You got to see it!" It is uncertain if it will appear in the next book. He is based on Darth Maul in The Phantom Menance. Fan made instrux were created by mrwookiea229, and later an EZ version made by Tom Angleberger, of which a fan made puppet was made by CHIPPY_SLUSHER with these instructions. (Above)