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Origami Yoda is an origami character created by Dwight and inspired by Fumiaki Kawahatas origami Yoda, who spreads good advice with origami Yoda. Until in 7th grade, when Origami Yoda meets his match, Darth Paper! Darth paper is created by Harvey who spreads bad advice through out the school.


The Creation of Origami YodaEdit

Origami Yoda was folded after the First origami yoda got crumpled up and thrown away into a pile of baked beans. Dwight forgot how he folded the first one, but luckily he rembered how he did it in a dream. He was folded at dwight's house before school. Harvey, who doesn't believe in Origami Yoda, creates his own Origami Yoda, which was invented by the mysterious Van Jahnke. Harvey begins to annoy Tommy by making fun of him using his new puppet, but Dwight returns to counter Harvey's comments, with a new, improved Origami Yoda. The two Yodas decide to settle who is the better one, and they make a bet. If Tommy asks Sara to dance, and she accepts, then Dwight wins, and if she rejects Tommy, Harvey wins.


The Emergency E-Z Yoda

At the fun night where the bet will take place, Tommy is extremely nervous. However, Orgami Yoda encourages Tommy to ask her by telling him that Sara asked Origami Yoda if Tommy liked her. With his newfound courage in mind, he begins to notice that all around him, his friends who have never asked girls to dance before, have already asked other girls to dance. Even Dwight was dancing with Caroline! Tommy proceeds to ask Sara to dance, and then he realizes he doesn't know how to dance. Just then, the DJ turns on an old dance called the Twist, that Origami Yoda told Tommy, Sara, and their friends to learn earlier in the year! Everyone happily dances to the old tune, and the rest of their 6th grade year amazingly has changed for the better.

The Universal Origami Yoda

The Universal Origami Yoda

Darth Paper Strikes BackEdit

By the time that Origami Yoda returns in Book 2, he is still being held on by Dwight, who is now in danger of being expelled and sent to CREF. Origami Yoda gives sage advise, and in the ending chapters, Dwight gives him up and stops the whole Origami Finger Puppet thingy. Turns out, it was all a mind trick, and Origami Yoda was used to aid the cause to save Dwight and help Darth Paper turn good! Origami Yoda will then go with Dwight to Tippett Academy.

The Secret of the Fortune WookieeEdit

In Book 3, Origami Yoda is locked in a picture frame and Dwight does not believe in his magic anymore. However, Tommy opens up the picture frame and Origami Yoda returns, helping Dwight become weird again. Origami Yoda warns Tommy that there will be a battle with Principal Rabbski.

Origami Yoda (easy)

The Origami Yoda at the end of book 1.

In this new ( sort -of ) case file, Yoda and kellen's Art2- d2 create a case file full of things to fold, draw, and do. From eraser prints, to AT-AT drawing instructions and universal puppets, this is a good resourse to keep.

The Surprise Attack of Jabba the PuppettEdit

He deals with The FunTime Menace ( notice the clever word play?) and starts a rebel alliance by giving out origami puppets to the people who join. Example = Tommy gets a Foldy wan Kenobi.


  • The author, Tom Angleberger, created the Origami Yoda on the front cover doing what some call, a freestyle fold, but he actually forgot how he actually made it.
  • The instructions in the back of the book do show you how to make the An origami Yoda but it is not the one that Dwight used in the book, he used the one on the cover. That one was made by Dwight, but the rest of the characters had made their own from Kellen's instructions.
  • The hand of the Origami Yoda on the cover is taped in, making it not 100% origami.             
  • The 2 weirdest features about the real thing is that the back of him, the head color comes down to the bottom of him, and the head is strangely not connected to the ears, but the ears are connecter to the lapel "sleeves."
  • The real one from the cover is really gray and white, it was photoshopped to look like it was a light tan/brown and green.
  • It was made from a square sheet of origami paper.
  • It was displayed at Montgomery Art Museum, and a character in one of Tom's other books, Horton Halfpott, is named Montgomery, making the character based of the museum that displayed Tom's work.
  • Posted on The Origami Yoda site were Superfolder made instructions for the Cover Yoda. There was minor spectulation on whether they are the actual way it was folded.
  • Tom had made this Yoda to replace the original, which was a Yoda, made from the instructions from the back of the book. It was the best of the many he went through making for the cover.
  • This has the most different instructions (through out the series and toms cover and two deluxe Yoda's not in general) for making one a total of seven.
  • There was one attempt of making a Cover Yoda, and confirmed by Tom, it was actually almost spot on. It was created by a Super Folder named Chad H. It was the most spot on replica, and confirmed by Tom Angleberger, the instructions were made by another Super Folder, and posted on the Origami Yoda website.
  • Tom Angleberger had also made an Origami Yoda with arms and feet. The unofficial name was given by some as the "Advanced Origami Yoda.
  • He is Shown with a origami Lightsaber. He never used one in the story, but he was shown with one in the doodle above the "Duel of the Origami Yodas" chapter.

The Van Jahnke Yoda


The "Advanced Origami Yoda" made by Tom Angleberger for what he called, a "secret project".


  • "MUST!!!!!"
  • "Rush In Fools Do"
  • "Do or Do Not, There is No Try"
  • "All of Pants Must You Wet
  • "Boots What Are?"
  • "May the force be with you [[Dwight] always"
  • "New One Must you Make"


For the Origami Yoda Instructions seen at the back of Book 1, go here.

For E-Z Yoda instructions, go here.

For fanmade Van Jahnke Yoda instructions, go here.

For Deluxe v.1 Yoda Instructions, go here.

For Deluxe v.2, go here:

For Intructions for the Cover Yoda, go here.

Deluxe Yoda

thumb|Deluxe Yoda|link=|Deluxe Yoda|link=|Deluxe Yoda|link=
The other Deluxe Yoda

The other Deluxe Yoda

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