The following is non-canon. It is a movie or fan fiction story which takes creative liberties that conflict with continuity despite the following being based on a canonical work.

Origami Yoda: The Series is a Fan-Made web show on YouTube, created by the Superfolders.

It has had four episodes so far, with two more in development (1 is now done) :

  • Origami Yoda and the Night of Fun
  • Origami Yoda and the Embarrassing Stain
  • Origami Yoda and the Home Run
  • Origami Yoda and the Cheeto Hog
  • Origami Yoda and The Twist *
  • The Tragic Death...
  • Harvey and the Emperor (bonus episode)

(Non-released episodes end in 2nd season.

ther e is a second season as well, with two episodes so far.

In season 2 this wiki's main editor the person who is writing this right now SF Grant will play duel part as Havey ("You will fianlly see what I look like!").


Season Two charactersEdit

  • Darth Noah as Tommy Lomax
  • Nolan as Dwight Tharp
  • JC and Grant ( possibly under study) as Harvey Cunningham
  • SimeonN or CJ as Kellen Cambell
  • Lauren/Bob as Sara
  • Megan/Phread as Caroline
  • SWF Max as Tater Tot
  • HancelC as Murky Kahleel
  • RockHopper as Ben Mantrue
  • ben as Harvey's minion
  • Origami Yoda as himself
  • Darth Paper as himself


The original series station is shellox productions ,but Trevor (originally played Dwight in episode 6) edited himself as Dwight in all of them that station is origami yod ( not Yoda )