The doodle of Origami Chewbacca from book 1.



Before the Fortune Wookiee, Tommy had found and origami Chewbacca in Dwight's bag. It was shown as a doodle in book 1 of the series, but has never since been seen in any of the books. It was also used in the book 2 poll as a picture of what they would look like in the book. This was before the idea of the Fortune Wookiee and lastly fan made instructions for it under he name EZ Chewbacca and not added was the improved version of the instructions by HOTROD 21


  • It is one of the characters folded by Dwight in the book along with
  • Origami Ackbar (Wielded by Dwight)
  • C-3PO (Wielded by Lance)
  • Art2-D2 (Wielded by Amy)
  • Princess Leia EZ
  • The Van Jahnke Yoda (Not Harvey's, mentioned only)
  • Princess Labelmaker (Wielded by Principal Rabbski) (This link contains a spoiler.)
  • Origami Ackbar and Chewie were both folded from scrap paper. Both were meant to be filled out/turned in but were folded instead.
  • Many fanmade instrux use scissors to fold this character. This is incorrect as it is an ORIGAMI Chewbacca, although the Fortune Wookiee is also sometimes called an Origami Chewbacca.
  • This Chewbacca was so bad it looked like a gorilla with a tie on.