Rhondella is a friend of Sara and she was Kellen's crush. In Darth Paper Strikes Back, she complains about Kellen because he drew a picture that made her lose the campaign for student council. In The Secret Of The Fortune Wookie she makes a bigger role. When Kellen tries to give her a vintage Godzilla doll, she takes it with a gloom face. Kellen says that he is sorry for making the poster. Rhondella admits that she is not being nice and sort of forgives him. It is later revealed that it was her idea to make the Fortune Wookie to stop Kellen from liking her. In ART2-D2'S Guide To Folding and Doodling she says that the kids are making lousy pictures and shows you how to take them properly. She also gives you a two sided poster so you can take better pictures.

In 'The Suprise Attack of Jabba the Puppet' she kisses someone else in front of Kellen, who is heartbroken.

In 'Emperor Pickletine rides the Bus' she takes selfies and doesn't stop texting her grade 8 boyfriend until she gets in trouble. She later causes Tommy to get punched in the face by Harvey. Later eventually Kellen dumps her and he goes with Cassie.