History in the booksEdit

In the books Soapy is a hand

Mr GoodCleanFun from Origami Yoda with Soapy The Monkey!

Mr GoodCleanFun from Origami Yoda with Soapy The Monkey!

puppet used by Mr. Good Clean Fun. Kellen likes to depict cussing on a bookly basis. Kellen usually makes Soapy cuss a lot. He also loves Cheetos. Tom stated he never does curse but Kellen draws him cussing (usually about the *@#$ kids). Instead of actually drawing a curse Kellen draws something like @!$¥.

In real lifeEdit

There is a Soapy the monkey and a Mr. Good Clean Fun (played by Brian Compton, an elementary school librarian) do exist and are very much alive (Not Soapy-he's a puppet). Soapy has yet to autograph any books but Mr. Good Clean Fun has.

Fun Facts:Edit

Soapy is the 2nd most drawn person in the first book and the 3rd in Darth Paper due to his immense need for Cheetos and money the 1st and 2nd obviously being Origami Yoda and Darth Paper.

Soapy in the second book

The Real Mr GoodCleanFun and Soapy!Edit


Here is a photo taken from my middle school yearbook of the real Mr. Good Clean Fun and Soapy the monkey. Soapy has his mouth open so is sort of hard to see.

The man’s real name is Reggie and his monkey is named Self.

Unlike Mr. Good Clean Fun, Reggie was pretty good if I remember correctly. And I liked his monkey puppet so much that I got one for myself. And that monkey puppet is the one that appears as Soapy in the books.