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The Lost Case File of Origami Admiral AckbarEdit

33 Admiral Ackbar Takes Over For Yoda

by Tommy

Ok one day Dwight left yoda home and Mike wanted advice on how to really hit a home run. Mike started to cry "anger" tears (aka really boohoo tears) so Dwight runs to his locker while eating a party size bag of cheetos and got his new Origami Admiral ackbar

out of his gym bag in the locker. Dwight said it only answers yes or no questons. Mike could not find a way, so of course he ran away, and cried his tears off boo hoo. so is Origami ackbar real like Origami yoda? well like yoda he is real paper but do his yes or no questions work?

well, 6th grade isnt over. a few days ago, PTA fun night was fun. but are Ackbar’s yes or no questions really work? oh yeah Dwight is only using Ackbar cause Harvey yanked Yoda out of Dwight’s hand the day after the Mike incedent. so this case file is to show Harvey that we still have Ackbar but we need yoda. HARVEY’S COMMENT;STILL NOT CONVINCED my comment; shut up why did i even let you write on this case file!

ORIGAMI ADMIRAL ACKBAR VS ORIGAMI DARTH MAUL by Tommy Ok, this is freaky. Harvey said that Yoda said something about Dwight being gone, Darth ????? , (Harvey doesnt know what he said) But he said Yoda said: “Darth Maul you must fold , General Grievous, army of droids, fear the Paper War has begun…” The next day something horrible happened! Harvey beat up Dwight, then he gave a speech, “Hello, I’m here with 3 masters 1 is not created yet but is getting created, I fear that he going to be folded soon,the other is Origami Darth Maul on my left hand is General Grieogami. And this is my army , a bunch of bullies have Origami Droids. Zack has a Origami Boba Fett. Then, Dwight said, ” I do have an army right guys?” Dwight tosses Kellen an Origami Obi-Wan and tosses Sara Ahsoka Tano, tosses Tater Tot an Origami Qui-Gon Jinn, tosses Mike an Ewok and finally tosses me a Luke Skyfolder. dwight gives us all a origami x wings. The war just started. it seems like Darth Maul is the leader. Dwight says they might be stronger but we have brains… purple and they dont have a purple chance againts us in a Paper War! “I understood purple.” I said, I understood I think. HARVEY’S COMMENT: YOU GUYS ARE GOING DOWN TOMMY’S COMMENT: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHUT UP!

MISSION BOBA FETT BY KELLEN Ok I don’t get it. I have to go with Obi-Wan to fight Boba Fett aka Zack during class while Dwight is in the stall eating Cheetos. Ok to fight its basically like a thumb war but with paper wrapped on on your finger with a lightsaber or any weapon they have; and once the finger puppet is knocked of the finger you win but you need to keep the Origami or rip it as a fatetality or just un fold it. Zack was winning we kept fighting until I stuck the lightsaber under the ground. I decided to keep it. Then Dwight says that I forgot to tell you if you use the force then say force then they have to go step back and the x wing is a power to start a 5 second freeze on the oppnent they have tie fighters that can do the same purple and then he runs outside the bathroom and the bell rings… THE ORIGAMI KAT FIGHT: BY SARADwight sent me to the skatepark with Ahsoka then I saw a female skater who I recognized its the person who bugged me the whole 5th grade, Tali! She had an origami Ventress. we battled to the end until she used a tie fighter! she was about to kill me 1 2 3 4 5 I broke and uppercut her with my lightsaber yes i knocked her to the ground. I decided to destroy it so I ripped her in half hyah. I knew I was going to win because Ackbar told me. i just noticed I could ask him who will win the war. I’m desperate but I’ll try.HARVEY’S COMMENT: SHE GOT LUCKY! TOMMY’S COMMENT: MY GIRL WON! Take that! BUT THAT QUESTION IS SERIOUS. THATS WHAT THE NEXT FILE IS ABOUT.

THE SCARY QUESTION? BY TOMMY AND HELP FROM SARA ok, Sara ran to Dwight until she saw that a bully had Ackbar in his pocket with the boys bathroom behind him closed. Then I heard screams of Dwight, saying ”HELP ME HELP ME SOM HELP ME SQUIRRELS! ( that’s typical Dwight there). I h to fight for Dwight and Ackbar, but i can’t go in the boys bathroom! so i called Tommy. But first I had to beat an origami droid. I beat him so easy . Tommy cracked the door open. then he went in there.Tommy’s point of view: I was in there. Dwight was there and then I threw him Ackbar . I asked him the scary QUESTION. Then, his reply was “IT’S A TRAP!!!”“what?!?”then Mike comes out of the stall with Tater Tot all beaten up, but they still had the puppets! they were bruised hard. Mike was crying ange tears hard. then I noticed that Mike never did that . something’s wrong.then out of no where two bullies come from the door, then Harvey and Zack come out of the stalls! It IS a trap!!! This is a set up! This is war. This is the climax of the Paper War. I was very scared. Ok I was so scared that i was going to hide in the stall. BUT then I thought of a brilliant genius plan. I told Mike and Tater tot to fight the 2 bullies. Then me and Dwight fight Harvey and Zack. We battled to the end. And  it took a while ,but I finally  beat zack and ripped his other boba fett . Harvey beat Dwight and was about to rip Ackbar then i upper cut both his general greiogami and dath maul ,but something was wrong something didnt feel right. mike and tater tot got beat. so me and dwight beat them for them. Ackbar said yes we will win (great) ok. I said this to dwight dude Ackbar real right because sara beat that girl and you knew right ackabar says yes .i just noticed something this is the darkest adventure i had with dwight. then i remembered YODA. Harvey has Origami Yoda! i say “give us origami Yoda now!” he said “fine but darth ????? Will spell yoyes doom!” Then he said " I will get revenge and will get rid of him!" he then tossed me Origami Yoda. yes we won the war! we one the Paper Wars! after school we rememberd this case file and we just ripped it and buried it in the school somewhere. (guys i got this case file after dwight left from our school so 1 year later)guys i rememberd about this case file and said to my self darth ????? is darth paper and he did get dwight suspended! this is wierd but st

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