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August 13, 2000


European American:

  • Maternal= Hungarian
  • Paternal= Swedish


Tommy Lomax is a protagonist in The Strange Case of Origami Yoda and Darth Paper Strikes Back. He is the author of most of the Origami Yoda stories and is trying to decide whether or not he is real. Origami Yoda saves him from getting embarrassed during the Fun Night and tells him to ask Sara to dance, which was successful. Tommy has a crush on Sara Bolt.

Darth Paper Strikes BackEdit

In the second book, Tommy makes a case file to try to get Dwight back into McQuarrie Middle School, because he was kicked out for disrupting the learning enviornment. It turns out that Harvey and Darth Paper were the reason Dwight was kicked out in the first place. It is notable that from this book on, Tommy has a buzz cut.

The Emergency Yoda

The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee: An Origami Yoda BookEdit

In the third book, Tommy makes another case file. This time his case file is to find out how the Fortune Wookiee can give wisdom without Dwight there to hold origami yoda. Caroline e-mails him with the news of Dwight becoming normal, and Tommy decides to help Dwight become his weird self again. He has to crawl through the doggie door in Dwight's house his friend, who is acting boring in the eyes of Caroline. He then is surprised that Sara made the fortune wookie not Dwight. She reveals that Dwight had nothing to do with the fortune wookie, it was made by Sara. Sara advises Tommy to go and restore Dwight to his former self. Tommy convinces Dwight to come back to McQuarrie. In order to do this, he removed his Yoda from a picture frame that they he locked in. Dwight and yoda warned Tommy that there will be "a battle with Rabbski". Tommy tells Sara about it all, and she mentions a letter from Principal Rabbski stating that all of the electives will be replaced by Funtime. Tommy has a "bad feeling" that funtime is somehow related to the battle that Origami Yoda predicted. 

The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett: An Origami Yoda Book Edit

In the fourth book, Tommy makes a Foldy-Wan Kenobi to lead the Origami Rebel Alliance. He writes a fourth case file, this one about the battle against FunTime. He ends up being appointed the official leader of the Origami Rebellion, along with Foldy-Wan. He prepares to lead the Rebels into victory against the fun time and "Edu-Fun Empire".

Princess Labelmaker To The Rescue!: An Origami Yoda Book Edit

In the fifth book, Tommy was up against the actual FunTime president and finds out about the huge cost of FunTime: $45,610 per year! Faced with the entire Lucas County school board, Tommy needs to make a speech to blow Dr. Edu-Fun's program out of the water. When Nasty Guy, a school board member, takes away Foldy-Wan Kenobi, Tommy uses the force inside his head to produce "The Voice of Foldy-Wan". In the end, he persuades Mrs. Rabbski that Fun Time isn't what they needed, and the electives came back.

Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus: An Origami Yoda Book Edit

In the final installment of the series, Tommy is on the field trip to Washington D. C. He secretly wants to be Sara's bus buddy so that he could make things "official", but Sara goes with Rhondella instead, thinking that it was her last chance to make up for her best friend. Tommy ends up sitting next to Harvey for the whole trip, who has created an origami Emperor Pickletine out of a pickle. It supposedly leads Harvey to the dark side, and Tommy is just annoyed. When Tommy gets to finally sit with Sara at Wendy's, the "Twist" plays, giving them a chance to dance with each other. Going back on the bus, Harvey is extremely angry and also jealous, as he also liked Sara. Sara gets Tommy over just for a second so that they could have their first kiss. Harvey gets so overcome with jealousy that he punches Tommy in the nose, provoking his Dark Side. When the teachers ask what happened, Tommy decides to lie and save Harvey from possibly going to C.R.E.F. After Tommy lied, Harvey immediately regretted punching Tommy. Harvey apologized to Tommy and told him everything about his crush on Sara. After that, Tommy and Harvey made up. Unfortunately after they all got home, Dwight mailed Origami Yoda to Captain Micah ,a kid that Dwight met in Washington, because Micah had a problem at his school. Although this was all really sad, Dwight tells Tommy to search his feelings. And he did and what he found out was OrigamI Yoda may not come back until they really REALLY need him. But he was sure of one thing... "The end this is not.:sidenote harvey calls tommy tommy toes.


  • He may be based off of the author Tom Angleberger, hence the name, and it was stated that he own's the website, in Art2-D2's Guide to Folding and Doodling
  • Some people think that he is the hero of the series because he believes in everything that Origami Yoda says and the Fortune Wookie are the heroes.
  • He created his own Origami Yoda. The instructions for his yoda is shown at the end of the first book.
  • He has a brother, as mentioned in Darth Paper Strikes Back. He was mentioned here: "To do that, I must venture into the wretched hive of scum and villainy known as My Brother's Swim Team.

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