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  • My occupation is Lego builder/ video gamer/ Tv watcher/Awesome person/ computer wiz (lets all say this is all apart of being Awesome!!!!
  • I am Awesome
  • Nick.c.02

    Hello audience where we left off (a quote by utube ledgend tobuscus) i was explaining how to join dp's legion now heres a contest make the best minecrfat origqami instructions not includedand ill tele u how to make my awesome origami guy first in ur talk page so start foldin!!!!!!!

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  • Nick.c.02

    darth paper's legion!

    September 9, 2012 by Nick.c.02

    ok i started a darth paper army if u wanna join tell me on my talk page all u have to do is fold a origami stormtrooper toms or ur own please show me a pic all hail darth paper

    p.s at this point only one persn joined its my freind froom school (he isnt a superfolder)

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